You’re American ≠ You’re Better Than Everyone Else

So I’m not sure if you guys are following the whole Lowes thing or not. But basically there’s this show on TLC called “All-American Muslim” where it follows a few families living in America and portrays their journey, as they become part of society. It shows these families following American beliefs and values. Lowes decided to pull their advertising from this program and many people are praising them for not supporting “terrorists”. My inspiration from this post actually came from some of the comments people are saying who are in support of Lowes. Check them out here.

Here is what I see wrong with their argument: we’re America, don’t we pride ourselves on being a “melting pot of cultures”?!? Guess what people? You can’t have a melting pot of cultures if you don’t allow people of other cultures to live here.

People are so ignorant. They should maybe get off their lazy TV-watching American ass and travel to a place where they’re the minority (and I mean not some American resort in Mexico or wherever) and I think they will get a huge culture shock. I have traveled throughout Central and South America and it got to the point where I started telling people I was German not American because of how much people hate Americans. Why do they hate Americans? Well here are some generalizations about Americans summed up:

We are Americans and therefore grew up never needing a job, we got a ridiculous amount of presents for birthdays and holidays, we only learned American history not any other culture’s history, we go to resorts in other countries and think we know other cultures, we got a car for our sixteenth birthday, we all have maids, we eat fast food every meal, we get liposuction instead of working out and we don’t know what’s going on in the rest of the world.

Now at this point, I bet you are saying, “that’s just some Americans, most Americans aren’t like that”. OH REALLY???!!! Don’t you think the same is true about the generalizations we make about other cultures?!?!? Not all Muslims want to blow up America, not all Mexicans wear sombreros and drink tequila all day, and not all Japanese are computer science geniuses.  So guess what America? Maybe we should focus on the way we present ourselves to other countries before jumping on and attacking other cultures. You’re an American, that does not make you better than everyone else. I’m not saying you have to watch this show or even support it, but I am saying that maybe you should educate yourself before you give your two cents in such a controversial argument.


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